In the classroom

We are learning today about school life in the mam language:

vamos a aprender hoy acerca del vida escolar en el idioma mam.

نحن نتعلم اليوم عن الحياة المدرسية في لغة المام

हम आज मैम भाषा में स्कूल जीवन के बारे में सीख रहे हैं

אנחנו לומדים היום על חיי בית הספר בשפה האנגלית

Сегодня мы узнаем о школьной жизни на языке мам


kybant te jaxnaqtzibil te qyol.

Here are some vocabulary words to know:

pencil- tzetzib’

book- u’j


To study- xnaq’tzen

Flag-tsets nab

second language- __(name of language in mam or Spanish)______ te tkab’n yol.

Grammar time:

the word ”te’’ in mam means “of” which can mean everything from ownership of something to labeling something. It may seem unusual at first but the fact that it is used a lot proves you will get a lot of practice using it.

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