Why learn mam? Porque aprender el mam. Tequin xnaq’tzil te qyol?

For someone interested in a career: Many locales like doctors,lawyers,charity groups ,teachers,and etc need mam speakers to understand their clients and ultimately help them out.

For more information: https://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2015/11/17/456217917/wanted-speakers-of-mayan-languages-many-of-them


For tourists and religious teachers:

Many locals in western Guatemala are predominately mam speaking. Some might know Spanish but not all of them do. It pays to know.

Example from Yucatán maya (different language): https://yucatanliving.com/culture/mayan-language-for-beginners-2


Para los de antecedentes mam/For those of Mam descent:

De mi parecer; el mam es un idioma que es fabuloso e debe mantener. Aveces la gente quizás no les gusta por razones prejuiciadas. No deje que eso te ampare. “Bankyulena te jaxnaqtzil internet”

In my opinion, mam is an amazing language that must be learned. Sometimes people might not like it; however don’t believe them. “Bankyulena te jaznaqtzil internet” (welcome to the online school)

nimb’il tel tnika qyol b’an.xjal b’ujel yolb’il. Mixe tequn qyol. “Bankyulena te Jaxnaqtzil internet”

With these points in mind; I say “bankyulena” Welcome.

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