Today when we are learning mam we will learn the alphabet in mam: It is similar to the alphabet in Spanish. That is so because when the Spanish invaded the mam fiefdoms ,especially the city of Zaculeu despite resistance by Kayb’il Balam the ruler of the city, the Mayan symbols were banned from being used and instead people began using the Spanish alphabet like many native peoples in Mexico,Guatemala, Peru,Colombia,etc did.

I screenshotted the alphabet here:

Credit to Native Languages for their database for all indigenous languages and cultures

So that means if you read:

Tu’jil qyol mam te Tk’abin yol. (Learning mam as a new language) you read it as:

(Too-heel kyol Mahm teh T-kab-in Yoel)

Keep in mind that not all mam people know how to read their native language. In fact it was only recently that ther government of Guatemala taught mam at school or even made documents in it after their 50 year long civil war.

The point is to learn how to CONVERSE and READ in mam.

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