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Frequently asked Questions

Many times people have many questions about what this online school and organization is all about.Please check it out below to FIND OUT!!!

h1> Frequently Asked Questions

Wonder who we are; learn the answers

Q. What is the S.U.C.’s goal?

A. To make an online school and volunteer

Q. Is this organization only for high school students?

A. NO (Anybody of any age can join our organization. It is an organization NOT a club)In fact,James plans to bring the online school to college where he can get new volunteers of all ages to join! VOLUNTEERS OF ALL AGES ARE ALWAYS NEEDED!!!!!!!

Q.When was the School of Unity and Connectness founded?

Q: Who is the leader of the S.U.C.?

A: Currently James Allan Enrique Mackiewicz Mateus is President; however; many of the people whom he works with have had important roles.

Q. Do you guys have a rigid system?

A. We have President but if no new president is found; then all active members can lead.

Q. If a new president is chosen; must the ex-president not have any role at all?

A. No, because that person that used to be president can and should still take care of the online school as co-administrator; that position will not EVER change since that is a retained position. Buthe must attempt to get new people as president or if not just have all active members lead. That is all. The goal is an online school; not to keep authority.

It means "Ready for Action"

How do I get involved?

A. All you have to do is just register your name, email or phone number, and name of place and agree to support and help the cause to the best your ability on and Groupme

(Set up by Brock Ware)by having your friends, family, etc be aware of the online school by sending them this link:


What challenges have the S.U.C. Had?

We have had antagonistic relationships at certain extended periods with AHS administration,students, and certain staff, we were forced to meet in other locations which are hard to organize, we have very little money, and we have had difficulty contacting others because of low cellphone data. Not to mention that when we do votes and elections; we often have a willing response and many vote earnestly but the problem is that some don’t know how to use the voting site we use. But we still carry on. See THIS SITE FOR MORE INFORMATION TO VOTE BETTER

“Sticks may hurt, and bones may break, but words NEVER WILL STOP US from our passion”- Hayden Helton.

Q. How will you guys solve these problems?

A.Simple. See our plan below!:

  1. Antagonistic Relationships: Keeping on our activities on no matter what other people do on their spare time or what other teachers unfairly accuse us of. And James got his parents to address these matters And this will soon become irrelevant because as James brings this to Auburn University and folks in immediate access; we will have freer opportunities.
  2. Difficulty contacting others: We solve this problem by contacting people like Slade who are always available. And we have come up with many ways to contact others like social media videos forwarded by others. Also we can improve by having people who are adults and are easily accessible join the school and help out actively especially people within James' immediate circle. Including chat will indeed be useful.
  3. Not knowing how to vote: Making the directions clear and using more simple voting methods. But also making elections solved some of the problems as it made the subject more relevant as many were friends of the people involved or had strong disagreements on who was qualified to help out. Social media and sharing tools work and help a great deal. But to ensure people vote better next time: We will put the instructions on how to vote on social media, make the matter more relevant, have more adults involved and have them vote on these matters, and saving votes for important matters. Perhaps even including advertising when these votes will be done with a video posted on social media.
  4. Very little money: Taking advantage of free software and materials in our access of very low cost. And we can also have adults who care about the cause in James' immediate accessible circle help out with premium software upgrades and grassroot donations. Signing up for ads and applying donation sections will be useful.
  5. And if any further obstacle returns or happens we will adapt to it by bringing new people and persisting.
How many people in S.U.C.?

A. 181 people (along with supporters and members in Auburn,Opelika, Hartford Connecticut, and Bogota, Colombia

Q. What is your official posistion on dealing with other schools and why is there variance in opinion and deeds?


As we will take the online school and organization to Auburn University we are confident that we will make this a success. We certainly will continue to organize our activities and expand this school and persist. See THE CURRENT SITUATION to see what is going on with Auburn High School and how we deal with local schools and information of benefit to anyone who deals with or wants to understand who we are..
We are not a dogmatic organization and we exercise variation in our dealings on a case by case basis and many times members and supporters may have dissention as to the extent of dealing with AHS. Some want mutual promotion and sponsoring but others rather prefer as little dealings as possible unless to address issues having to do (and many are concerned with addressing AHS because they are concerned about reprocussions with speaking out; see our Speaking out page to see a degree of their concern. We understand that Auburn High School may or may not do all the suggestions but we would like that these be done in good faith to ensure understanding and reduce conflict. We would like that Auburn High School understand and do the following below. Ranked in order of importance.

1. The final Authority when it comes to the online school and the S.U.C. community is the “School of Unity and Connectness” represented by the founder and current leader James Allan Enrique Mackiewicz Mateus. And we are not going to accept pressure nor orders from any other parties (organizations,schools,clubs,individuals,etc) about how we are run. Not to mention that we are not a club and we prefer that the term not be used. And we wish that any unwelcome behavior like that mentioned above whether by student,teacher,or administrator to cease and desist. But we do accept that individual members must abide by the rules whenever reasonably possible. And we would like that dialogue (discussion with application) be done if possible. Not to mention that we would like that the results of such dialogue including the paragraph you are reading right now to be informed to all teachers, students, and their parents in a public and official manner.

2. All dealings about S.U.C. must be done only with James Allan Enrique Mackiewicz Mateus or any spokesperson he so chooses (whether by appointment and/or by delegation members being chosen by election) and including any parent or adult he so chooses also.

3.We want the freedom of expression which means allowing our official logo, discussion about autism awareness issues, education, any praise or criticism we have of any local school including AHS, and discussion/promotion of our school online.

4.We are going to talk about the online school with whomever we see fit; in fact we are going to work on this even after individual members graduate and are in college will they still be involved if they so choose. We want that AHS understand that.

5.We want freedom to carry out our activities whenever possible and wherever we are without any hassle and we do not want interference in our self-governance which includes collaboration,our elections,cooperation,maintaining order and unity,and et certera.

6.The current leader is often advised by people representing the whole spectrum of opinions in the S.U.C. including his own so he is not pushing an agenda. But he is free to talk about what he personally believes ought to be done on a case by case basis.

7.We want to run ourselves and assist in helping the teacher with running their classrooms if given the chance especially home room classes, a class of their choosing,or one that is consented to. If that is not possible give us volunteer opportunities both individually and as a group. And even if that means being a teachers aide or substitute or partner that would be appreciated. And that includes allowing us to collect donations,fundraise,etc for our use as an organization and for charity.

8. We do not want credit being taken for what we do.

9. We would like that people find out more about who we are as a group.

10. If there are any disagreements we want them to be addressed with current leader, a parent or adult of his choosing,or another person in a spirit of love,peace,and willing approachability.

If that does not work; we will work together unitedly to ensure our freedom and responsibilities even with a facilitator/mediator and any other reasonable response if need be.