Basic Algebra

You solve that by doing the opposite operation. If they add, you subtract. If they subtract you add. If they multiply, you divide. And if they divide you multiply.




Therefore X=4

However, we are going to learn Algebra 2 level Algebra for benefit of our high school audience in this matter. But some of the terms will be found at lower or higher levels.

Pero vamos a aprender el nivel de algebra enseñado en las aulas de bachierrato para beneficiar nuestra audiencia estudiantil. Aunque algunas de las cosas que van a enseñar se cobran en cursos mas adelantados o bajos.

We will learn about the basic way to solve quadratics or functions modeled by a second degree. Ex: 1^2=1 4^2=16 formula is Y=X^2

EX: 2*1^2-4(1)+100= 98 formula es Y=2X^2-4X+100

The four ways are:

Factoring-simplifying the polinomial based on common factors.

X^2-8X+16 What can be multiplied by 16 and add to -8.

Taking the Square Root= This is for easy problems.

EX: (short for example)


Step 1: If there is any number near the X divide by each side.

(in this case by 4)

Step 2: Take the square root of the number that is left.


Step 3: Show the answer as both positive and negative.

X=2 and X=-2 so we write it as x=+-2

Next section we will discuss the other two ways. Please give comments if you have any.

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