“ In many ways and in many manners men and women have sought freedom. And the fact is that often men have failed in their pursuit. However, we are determined and still attempt to try our upmost again. That is because we all have such yearning from the beginning of time. As thus we want to form a confederation of classes whom work together, act together, and be together no matter what alma mater this they be in. However, the reason why we are doing this rather than utmost rejection of curriculum is because we want to better focus on stem, getting jobs, wanting to rehabilitate and assist students and focus on billengual and social assistance and make our own common law and bond and compete. And when we unite in decision making...we vote and do our own things on 60% accord and guiding on the ability to act and the rights of man and not replacing completely the laws of the districts. We quoth Thomas Paine “‘Tis Time to Part” and so it shall be for independent alliance action as ”the school of unity and connectness” we have resolved to do such”

(Document later mentions places for students and teachers to sign some which were signed by Stephen Irwin, Julius Hunter, Mrs. Worley,and James Allan Enrique Mackiewicz Mateus as well as perhaps a few other students some to support my efforts and others because they seriously cared about the goal but it was mainly a mixture of the two. And since a limited number of people help found the School of Unity and Connectness the document mentions “the space is open for other teachers/coaches and for other schools to join”)

Date of Writing: Mid January 2018

Final Draft written: February 12th 2018

Printed Final Draft lost: February 12th 2018

New Final Draft Printed: February 15th 2018

Date of Submitting to Administrators of Auburn High School and vote about S.U.C. :February 16th 2018

And it is still our most important document that we ever had.

Yo era quieren lo escribí porque quería que los profesores y administración entendiera lo que queríamos hacer. Y me hace tan feliz que estudiantes y profesores en las clases del Sr. Irwin y Sr.Hunter quien decidieron participar tuvieran tanta fe en mi y en la meta de hacer ese colegio virtual que estas viendo ahora sea un éxito hasta cuando muchas otras en personas en clases diferentes no quisieron hacerlo. Gracias por poniendo el fundamento ya sea discretamente o públicamente de la “Escuela de Unidad y Conecion” y haciéndolo lo que es ahora”

- James Allan Enrique Mackiewicz Mateus, fondador, Presidente (2018-2019), y miembro mas activo de la Escuela de Unidad y Conecion

Translation: “ I was the one who wrote this because I wanted the staff to understand what we wanted to do. And it makes me feel so proud that the students and teachers in Stephen Irwin’s and Julius Hunter’s classes who did decided to participate had enough trust in me and in the goal of making this online school we are checking out right now work even when other classes when offered did not. Thank you for laying the groundwork whether discreetly or publicly of making the “School of Unity and Connectness what it is today”

- James Allan Enrique Mackiewicz Mateus , founder ,President (2018-2020), and most active member of the School of Unity and Connectness

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