We of S.U.C. are one united school. Ever since Febuary 16th 2018 we have shown to the world that we are a school. Unlike what other people think we will never believe that kids must know their place,that they are not capable of greatness,that grownups must not be a part of our lives,that we should not listen to our folks and teachers,that kids with autism or those in specialized bilingual classes must be reserved on the wayside,that prejudice will prevail,that there is only one way to help,that we cannot get good grades,etc. Such belief are loathsome and false. Never underestimate the power of the human will. That is the greatest weapon of all time. All ways of influence and good works will have never been possible without the human will. We were made to dream,to hope, to seek ultimate goals,and to seek good. That is what we shall do. We shall prove the world that kids can start schools,that kids can pass on learning (isn’t that the point of passing knowledge through every generation),that adults can help and that we will respect and love them. Kids with autism,specialized bilingual classes,kindhearted grownups,and S.U.C. teachers are what makes our school work. You guys have all earned a place in this saga which we shall complete ITZ A BATTLEFLAG!

UDPATE: WE now have people of all political perspectives and we still better than ever! And we are going to prove that all these people can work together. We are apolitical. We are also never going to let insults bring us down! And we will always bring new people and make the school a success!