I am please to announce that on this day; our Remind channels appear as S.U.C. On the name of school on Remind. Realize not “ Auburn High School” or “Not Affiliated” but as one of the many schools that use Remind all across the USA! We have much to be proud of:

Remind channel instructions are below:

Ordinary S.U.C. Announcements:

For Cabinet members (Students or Parents who assist in managing our school)

And for Volunteers and Supporters/enforcers (called Sentinels)

And for any staff members who are a member of us or have classes that are a part of S.U.C., have S.U.C. Management,or have high populations of S.U.C. Members (Note: if you join these, any suspicious people will be remove so they must confirm they are teachers by giving their email or telling what school district they are a part of).

As a code of conduct; new members will be given a wholly separate remind channel. If they say racist,sexist,detaining,and other inappropriate comments,language,or suggestions or tell people their address...they will be immediately and permanently block or reported to the authorities. Enjoy the Remin